TM103: Young Jeezy Says His New Album Is Influenced By The Economic Decline & Tupac

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This past Monday (July 25), Def Jam rapper Young Jeezy celebrated the six-year anniversary of his debut album Thug Motivation 101, at the Highline Ballroom in NYC. During the end of Jeezy’s show, he announced that his new album Thug Motivation 103 will be out September 20. In a recent interview with MTV, Jeezy talked about how the economic decline and the words of Tupac influenced his upcoming album. I like how Jeezy mixes politics with street music.

On when he dropped TM 101 money was so plentiful.

TM 101 dropped at a time when money was so plentiful that you could’ve had too much of it at some point, and everybody was happy,” he said. “Everybody was flamboyant, everybody was living, and nowadays it ain’t like that. So when I dropped TM 101, my whole focus was, ‘We’re gonna get this money and that’s what it’s about. We’re gonna get this money, we’re gonna live life, we’re gonna have fun.’”

On TM 103 and maintaining the money he has.

The evolution of that [with] 103 is more sort of like situations, like, ‘OK, yeah we got to the money, we lost it two or three times, but what are we gonna do to maintain? Are we gonna maintain? Are we gonna get back? Are we gonna stay focused on the get back, or we gonna get off track? Are we gonna pay attention to what they’re talkin’ about, or pay attention to what we need to do?’ That’s what the evolution is about.”

On Tupac’s words and music influencing his new album.

It’s about knowing what to do. When I was growin’ up and I was listening to ‘Pac, all his situations apply to me today,” he noted. “I never knew that, I was just listening to the music and I thought it was good music. Everything that he said applies to me today. Keep your enemies close, money over bitches – that’s real talk.”

Source: MTV

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