He’s Going Back To The Bank: Shawty Lo Signed A $10 Million Deal With 50’s Cent G-Unit Label

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I previous reported that Southern rapper Shawty Lo signed a deal with 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records. Lo and 50 recently stopped by Atlanta’s  Hot 107.9 to talk about their new partnership and Lo’s new $10 Million venture.

My vision, man, is to give it 100 percent, whatever we do,” Shawty said. “I really signed with 50 because I feel like 50’s a marketing genius. I’ve been watching him since he first came into the game before I even thought about becoming a rapper. But to make it short and simple, I signed a big deal with 50, $10 million deal. If that ain’t enough, he’s sitting right beside me, so let’s get it…A lot of artists come into the game and they don’t know the business side. So basically, I was one of those artists at first in the beginning. In the music business, it’s really 20 percent music and 80 percent business. If you learn the business, you can really go a long way.” (Hot 107.9)

50 said there was also a private investor who helped put up some of the money.

What Shawty didn’t know is it’s a fund with private investors,” 50 added. “That money is theirs. I didn’t actually give him the $10 million. He has a chunk of that but the rest of the money is there so he can actually launch the projects that come through. He can choose things out of the South and I’ll choose things from different territories…When he came to the actual office and played the music that he had for his new album, I knew that I was impressed.” (Hot 107.9)

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