Mixtape: Cyhi Da Prynce ‘Royal Flush 2’ Cover, Plus He Give Details On Kanye West Tour

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Kanye West’s protegé Cyhi Da Prynce is gearing up to release his upcoming mixtape Royal Flush 2. The Atlanta native rose to fame in September 2010; after signing to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music. He appeared on the track “Looking For Trouble,” off Kanye West’s last album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Over the years, Cyhi has released four mixtapes, with the latest being Royal FlushBillboard.com caught up with CyHi while he was in Atlanta rehearsing.”Below are a few excerpts from Cyhi interview with Billboard:

You’re about to go on a Heineken-sponsored tour with Kanye and Pusha T. For those who’ve seen you before, how will your live show be different this time around?

CyHi: I have a budget on this show! [Laughs] I get to have little props and banners and lights and different things of that nature. Dancers. And I get to bring my friends out so they get to see what I do, and we’re all going to be able to promote a lot better because I get to bring my street team, my promotional team with me. It’s going to be big fun, and it’s my chance to be on a major tour. It’s the first one that I’ve ever done, so… let’s get it.

How’s working with Kanye West and co. changed how you make music?

I get better tracks, get better music, and he teaches me how to create. It ain’t even that he teaches me how to create songs — I watch him do it and he assumes that I can imitate him in my style and my own songs. A lot of times we rub off on each other. It’s like playing with Jordan: If you’re Scottie Pippen and you see Jordan do a move, it’s like, ‘Yo, I’m gonna integrate that into my game,’ you know what I’m saying? So I might not tell him, but you know…

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Your upcoming mixtape, “Royal Flush 2,” features Playaz Circle’s Tity Boi. Talk a bit about how that collaboration came to be.

Tity Boi is actually, to me, one of the best Atlanta rappers we have. Not just Atlanta, just down-South rappers — like you have rappers who swag it out, but he actually can rap. Like, he actually can put lyrics together. If you haven’t heard, he and I did a record called “Standstill,” and he goes bananas on some hip-hop shit, like on a hip-hop beat.

He was one of the first guys to come get me to do a song with him — you know all them other rappers with a lot of money, they weren’t really [approaching me].

Tell us about the look and feel of “Royal Flush 2.”

The actual visual is a more aggressive version of the first one. The first one was more laidback; it was wintertime music because it was wintertime so I wanted it to feel wintertime-ish. This one is more summertime, more energetic, more show-driven music, more aggressive, so you know that’s what Royal Flush II is- it’s the flipside of Royal Flush I. The artwork is self-explanatory: It shows a prince in all six forms and fashions, and the music displays that as well. And you know, the visuals, everything we do around it, is going to display the “Prince of America”, and that’s who I am. So when I go to these other countries, I really represent America and I really get to sit down with these other princes and politicians and try to change the world.

Read the entire interview over at Billboard.com

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