New Interview: Meagan Good Talks Keyshia Cole, Wearing The Same Clothes Twice, Desire To Play Whitney Houston & More

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While at the Playboy Superbowl in Dallas this past weekend, Actress/Singer Meagan Good sat down with Vibe magazine. During her interview, Good talked about her new group, helping Keyshia Cole get her start in this business, wearing the same clothes  more than once, playing Whitney Houston and much more. Read the interview below.

A lot of people were surprised to hear that you’re in a girl group now. I know your sister’s in it as well. How did that come about?

When me and my sisters were kids, I was about 14 or 16, we had been in a singing group together for a long time and I went away to do Eve’s Bayou and she decided to pursue the music route. So my acting career did what it did and then she joined the group Isyss and she did what she did. And then once the group fell apart, she went to another group for a while. I went into a group with the two twins that were in ATL, we were signed with Lil’ Kim’s label.

Oh damn, so this girl group game is far from new to you. What was the name of that last group?

So embarrassing. I was 19. It was 10 years ago. It was called Phyne. It was back in the day when it was kind of okay to have names like that. Our producer was Damon Elliott who did “Love” on Keyshia Cole’s first album. That’s kind of a crazy story because I met Keyshia when she first came from Oakland and was just trying to figure out how to get started with her singing career and I was doing Biker Boyz at the time and I had just dropped out of the group and Damon was very upset with me and I had met Keyshia and I said, “Look this girl’s amazing, you need to work with her, see if you can help her out.” And they got together and did “Love” and five other songs on her first [album]. That’s actually how Keyshia Cole started doing her thing.

Ah, so you had a hand in Keyshia’s beginning?

[Yeah] that’s my girl; I love her to death. So besides that, I still had the music bug, but I wanted to be a very serious actor. I still do. I want the Oscar. But the music thing just kept coming up and then by best friend Amy and her girlfriend Sterling started a kind of punk band and I kept coming to their performances and my sister was doing her solo thing and one day [Sterling] and Amy came to me and said what do you think if we do a band? I thought it was a good idea but was like, “What kind of music will we do?” So we sat down and were like, “Alright our favorite type of music is rock n roll, kind of punkish.” And so we decided to do the band and met up with producer Rob Bolt, who’s done a lot with Fergie, Radiohead, Puddle of Mudd –a lot of great rock bands. He helped us develop a sound.

Credit: Vibe magazine/Tracy Garraud

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The blogs one and only grip with you is always “Why does Meagan where the same shit every day?” What is your response to that?

I don’t really care. If something looks good to me and I spent my money on it I’m going to wear it as many times as I choose to, whether it’s my shoes, my earrings, my jeans. And what they don’t understand, the more they comment on it, the more you make me wear it. If you have something to say about my red lips, if I hear about it, I’m wearing red lips tomorrow and the whole week after that. Everybody’s different. Kim [Kardashian] loves to dress up, but that’s not me. I like to wear jeans and a t-shirt. I’m probably going to wear the same jeans and a t-shirt until I’m tired of seeing them, not when you’re tired of seeing them, but when I’m tired of seeing them.

With that said do you think you’ll ever go back to long hair?

At some point. I miss it every day.

You’ve spoken on wanting to portray Aaliyah is there any one else you think you could pull of well?

I’m kind of coming to the acceptance that maybe that might not happen. Right now, I’m focused on doing Whitney Houston’s life story.

Is that something that’s actually in the works? Or is that just your personal dream role?

That’s my personal dream role. I grew up with Ray J. I know a lot of people that know her. I think it’s something that can definitely be a realization should I sit down with her and start developing it. Even though I know her story’s definitely not done by any means, I think what she’s already been through and to come out on the other side is a story all in itself.

Why do you think you’d be perfect to knock that out?

Because I just feel her. I feel like people don’t know who she really is. And for some reason I feel close to her. I feel like I get the essence of who she is behind closed doors. And I think that I could portray her well in a way that she would be happy, God willing.

Does that mean you’re a better singer than we think?

I won’t be hitting those notes, I’ll tell you that. They’ll be using her real voice.

I’ve know you’ve been dating Thomas Jones for a minute. Is marriage headed your way soon?

I don’t know. For a while there I think it was right around the corner. I’d like to be [married] but I want to make sure, spiritually, I’m on the up and up in every way that I conduct myself. I definitely do want to get married. I definitely do want to have kids. I feel like I’m going to be Halle Berry’s age when I have my first one.

Why do you your feelings on when to get married started to change?

I think because right around my birthday last year, I felt that I had been reborn in a way and I felt that God was really calling me to focus more on him and to be more in love with him, and to let him be my man. It was different for me because I hadn’t felt it that that way in any point of my life, so right now I’m really focused on what my purpose is.


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