My Exclusive Interview With Bronx, NY Aspiring Rapper Dollah

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Dollah is not only the first artist that I signed to YoDonBleekRaps Management; he’s my little brother. This past weeked, Dollah and I set down at upscale Mr. Chow restaurant on 57th Street in New York City to have dinner, talk about our future projects and somehow we managed to get an interview done. While eating a plate of Chicken Sate and a bowl of Mr. Chow noodles; Dollah and I conversed about what inspired him to rap, growing up in the Bronx, New York, Big Pun legacy, signing with Young Money and much more.
Dollah is in the studio recording tracks for his debut mixtape Billion Dollah Rapper (subject to change). As of press, a released date for his mixtape has not been set. Dollah and I are focusing on putting out singles and a few videos before we drop his actual mixtape. Dollah is in the studio creating a masterpiece. Once he feel like he is giving his fans his best work; he will put out his mixtape. Peep Dollah’s interview below.
Name: Dollah Tha Rapper
Age: 18
Reppin: Bronx, New York (Mitchel Project’s)
Describe your style of music.
My music is diversified, I speak on various topics in my music. I can write songs for the gangstas, females and clubs.
How long have you been rapping and what inspired you to rap?
I have been rapping for four years. After seeing my friends rap at local gas stations and car washes in the Bronx and seeing how much money they were making; I decided to join them and that’s when I started to write rhymes. After the older guys at the gas stations and car washes told me how nice I  was, I started to take it serious and was inspired from that moment.
What rappers inspired you to rap?
Cassidy, Lloyd Banks, Fabolous, Jadakiss and Lil Wayne.
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How have you managed to stay relevant on the underground scene and what’s your secret to staying afloat; when the industry changes so often and so fast?
I managed to stay relevant because I rap about what people want to hear. In my music, I speak on real life issues that I or someone I know went through or is going through and people can relate to it. Also, you have to know what’s cool and what’s not cool and you have to adapt to the changes.
If you can sign to any record label; what label will it be and why?
I will sign to Young Money because the artists on the  label are popular, they are making progress, and they have a strong team backing them.
You are from the Bronx, which is the birthplace of Hip-Hop, at the moment there aren’t a lot of new artists or signed artists that are buzzing in the Bronx; how do you plan on creating a major buzz for yourself?
I plan on creating a major buzz for myself by promoting myself as an artist, networking with other artists and record execs, shooting videos, using the social networking sites to market my material and touring across the states. Also, I will like for my music to have a great impact on the Bronx the same way Big Pun music did.
Big Pun was the last major artist from the Bronx to have a great impact, successful career and he left behind a great legacy, how has his music influence you?
His music influence me because Big Pun never forgot where he came from. Pun was a platinum artist and still living in the Bronx, driving a Bentley, and he always came back to the community.
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