Vado Turned Down XXL Freshmen Cover For The Cover Of The Source With Cam’ron & Jim Jones

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In a recent interview with DJ Drama, Cam’ron revealed that his protegé Vado will not be appearing on XXL’s “2011 Freshmen” Cover. When DJ Drama said to Cam “Are you going to be mad Cam If Vado does not make it on the XXL’s Freshmen cover this year?”

Cam’ron replied by saying, “To be honest, he’s not going to be on there but it’s not definitely as or yet. I just spoke to Vanessa (EIC XXL magazine). This is what happened, straight up and down, what happened was this. She called me about doing it. You know they didn’t put him on last year. They wanted him on this year. So Allan Grunblatt (CEO at E1 Music). Me and Vado have an album coming out and Jim Jones has an album coming out. So I told the lady at XXL I’d get back to her because I was saying, if Vado does do the cover for XXL, I want him to be a main focus. I’m not trying to be an a**hole or be like, it’s us or nothing. I’m just trying to say, my man put a lot of work in the last year. So I’m not trying to say the other people that’s coming up shouldn’t be on the cover either. I’m not saying that, I’m saying just give him a little focus on the cover, and she said she didn’t know if she could do that, this that and the third — But what happened is, we got an album out — so the dude at Koch, Allan Grunblatt, he went to The Source and got us the cover — it doesn’t make sense for him to be behind seven people on the [XXL] cover and he’s gonna be front face on The Source cover with me and Jim. So, I told her that I couldn’t do it because she couldn’t give any guarantees on how his look was going to be. I still love the XXL and appreciate all the support they’ve given us.”-Cam’ron (Shade 45)

Basically, Cam wanted Vado to have some focus and be the center of attention on the cover. Cam told XXL that Vado can’t do the cover if he’s not the main focus.

Cam, Jim Jones and Vado are about to shoot the cover for The Source magazine.

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