Did 50 Cent Leave Shady/Aftermath Records?

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I am not sure how true this rumor is but I’m hearing that Queens rapper 50 Cent recently departed away from Shady/Aftermath Records for unknown reasons. Allegedly, some form of confidentially was signed. Below is how AllHipHop is reporting the story.

Rumor has it 50 Cent has left Shady Records and, I believe this includes Aftermath too. The rumors out there are that this is its a very very complex deal and there may be some form of confidentially clause going on. They don’t want anything out there in the marketplace, especially via Twitter, the rumor says. On the other side, there is great energy at Shady with the addition of Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse. This is all rumor material, but the source swears by it.

Credit: AllHipHop

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