Jim Jones Talks Kanye West, Jay-Z & Upcoming Dipset Mixtape

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In a recent interview with Vibe magazine, Harlem rapper Jim Jones shared his thoughts on Kanye West and Jay-Z’s collaboration album Watch The Throne, admits that Jay-Z is one of the nicest to ever do it and gives an update on Dipset’s upcoming mixtape.

On Watch The Throne.

“I ain’t gon’ front, on the last few tracks, Kanye had been getting the best of Jay, and that’s just from a fan’s point of view,” Jones told Vibe on Thursday (Jan. 6). The Harlem rapper has had a long-standing feud with Jay-Z, and recently patched up differences with Kanye West, contributing to the G.O.O.D. Music/Dipset posse cut, “Christmas In Harlem.”

“Whatever it is, they both goin’ to be sharp—trust me,” Jones says before hearing “H.A.M.” “It definitely ain’t gon’ be a one-way street. It should be good for music, good for hip-hop, as long as they don’t start rapping about too much strange shit.”

Credit: Vibe magazine

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On Jay-Z is being one of the nicest to ever do it.

“Jay is one of the nicest niggas to ever do this shit, you can’t take that from him,” Jones adds, “but Kanye is vicious, his wordplay is vicious, his harmony is vicious and then he keep a good beat on top.” 

On Dipset’s upcoming mixtape

“We’re about to drop a Diplomats mixtape just to get the streets warm,” Jones revealed, adding that the release will feature original records and Dipset remixes of popular records. “You know how we do the mixtapes. Hopefully by February we’ll have that on the streets.”

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