The Top 5 Most Stylist Aspiring New York Rappers

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New York City is not only the city that never sleep, it’s the fashion capital of the world. Earlier in the week, I posted a blog titled “The Top 5 Most Stylist New York Rappers.” After getting a lot of great feedback and requests from up & coming rappers asking to do another blog similar to that one using aspiring rappers, I decided to do it. All five of these artists who made my list are always styling on them lames. Their styles are unique and one of a kind. Each time I run into these guys, they are splashy. Peep my list below.

1. Neely

This kid is f**king dope and is the only other person that I know who go crazy in True Religion like I do. He’s mad cool, very humble and shy. I was first introduced to Neely back in September of 2009, but met him for the first time on the set of a video shoot for one of my artists. Follow Neely @IsThat_Neelyor hit him up or FB Neely’s Facebook.

2. Nicholas Burrough

I don’t really know him, but we spoke a few times and I’m sure our relationship will grow. In my opinion, Nick is that new kid on the block in Harlem. His style is dope and I think Hip-Hop need more fashionable rappers like him. Follow nick @CAP_1O or hit him up on FM Nick’s Facebook.

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3. Dollah Tha Rapper

Not only is he’s my artist but he epitomize what the Bronx stands for. Sta is so #Niceee. $300 BB Simons belts, $575 Marmot coats, he’s just styling on them lames. Follow Dollah at @DollahDymesRUS or hit him up on FB Dollah’s Facebook.

4. Rich Rosay

Rich is more than the first artist to be managed by me, he’s my little brother. If I had to choose one word to describe Rich it will be “splashy.” This Bronxter reps Hughs Ave to the fullest and is destined to be the next big thing to come out of New York City. Follow Rich @richrosay or hit him up on FB Rich’s Facebook.

5. T.I.P.S.

The thing that I respect about T.I.P.S. is that he’s coming into this industry with a style of his own. He’s not trying to be apart of the in crown.  He makes the type of music that he like and wear what he want to wear and don’t give a f**k what others say or think of him. Follow TIPS @IGiveTips or hit him up on FB Tips Facebook.

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