Guess Blogger: Tips Remakes Nas’ “The World Is Your”

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That’s right, its ya boy The Infamous Philosopher Shakiel aka T.I.P.S. and Don Bleek left his laptop at my house by a mistake because he was rushing  to make it to his photo shoot for a few upcoming projects that he’s working on. Therefore I am taking over his blog.  I’ m an aspiring rapper from the city that never sleeps (New York City). I started rapping in the spring of 2010 and started taking it serious last fall. My biggest influence are Kanye West, Jay-Z, Pharrell, and Big L. I’ve always been into music but never really thought about pursuing it as a career until Diggy Simmons and Currensy started getting a lot of great feedback from the mixtapes that they released. After seeing their great responses, I decided to give music a chance and right now I am loving every moment of it. As a child, living in three different cities (Harlem, Jersey City and Atlanta), my biggest dream was to become a pro basketball player, but I drifted away from that dream after I almost lost my arm in 2008.  When I realized that I was going to take rap serious, I spent a lot of time thinking about a rap name that would fit my personality. After all of the names, I chose to use T.I.P.S.  2011 is the year of the grinders; so watch out for my crew EORWA (Everyones Over Rated We Aren’t) and I. This year, I’m just looking forward to putting out good music and I hope to leave a scratch on the surface of the industry. Peep my single below to Nas’ “The World Is Your.”
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