Breaking News: Harlem Rapper Max-B Is On His Way Home

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Owww, Harlem rapper Max-B is on his way home. According to a few reliable sources, Max-B aka Biggaveli can be home as early as summer 2011. Biggaveli debut album Vigilante Season will be in stores and online December 4th, via  Amalgam Digital/E1. Read the story below that I wrote on Max-B for XXL magazine back in the spring.

Name: Charly “Max-B” Wingate
Age: 31
Crime: Convicted of felony murder, aggravated manslaughter, kidnapping, armed robbery and conspiracy. The charges are tied to a 2006 botched robbery attempt of two men in a Fort Lee, New Jersey Holiday Inn. On June 9, 2009, 12 Bergen County jurors found Max guilty on all counts and he was sentenced to 75 years.
Began Sentence: September 3, 2009
Expected Release: November 2042; appeal pending.


Cred: A former member of Byrd Gang and a longtime Dipset affiliate, Max earned his stripes alongside Jim Jones on several songs before breaking out on his own in 2007. The Harlem native quickly found success with popular mixtape series, like Public Domain, Million Dollar Baby, Goon Music and Coke Wave. Max’s consistent grind, caught the attention of Amalgam Digital, who signed him to a three album deal in 2008.

Pre-Jail Buzz: A constant force in the New York mixtape circuit, Max supplied the streets with music at a steady pace. His singing and catchy hooks, coupled with his unique slang, positioned Biggaveli as a rising underground star riding a wave of success before he got knocked.

Release Therapy: In the event that Max is able to win his appeal and get released early, he’d likely come home to instant fanfare with more street cred than the average rapper. Already an established mixtape maverick, he could finally see his hustle come to fruition with the release of his first full-length LP. Now, that would be wavy.

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