Vado.. I Pledge Allegiance To The Slime (Exclusive Interview)

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The homies over at HitHipHop caught up with Us Now (U.N.) rapper Vado for an exclusive interview. The Harlemite spoke about his new mxitape Slime Slu, growing up in Harlem, what does Hip-Hop in Harlem means, going to school with Remy Ma,  his & his late father’s love for Mafia flicks, his favorite albums, his acting career & more. Peep the interview below. (props to HitHipHop).

HitHipHop: Whether it’s an interview or a song, you always manage to shout out your hometown of Harlem, sometimes more than once. Tell me what Harlem represents to you?

Vado: Harlem represents Hip Hop, you know? A lot of talented celebrities came from Harlem. So, you know coming up I just listened to Hip Hop, Jazz. You know different types of music but it all represented Harlem. The Apollo. It’s kind of like the Mecca if you ask me.

HHH: So when Mase hopped on Love Me with R&B group 112, what did that mean for the game, you, and Harlem as a whole?

Vado: What that meant is just like, Mase was just really a “sky’s the limit” for artists in Harlem. You know like definitely. Mase, one time when he was in the game and he got on the 112 and started hitting & making them hits “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems” etc, etc. That was definitely motivation for any upcoming artists in Harlem cause it was like he was doing everything. Then he was on Mariah. It was like sky’s the limit. You know so it had everybody feeling like they could make it.

Vado’s debut mixtape Slime Slu will be in stores on online this Tuesday October 12th

Interview Credit: HitHipHop

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HHH: Do you feel “Slime Flu” will be an influential mixtape for other rappers in Harlem?

Vado: It’s definitely gonna be motivation for them. It’s what they go through every day, you know. But if they out there in the streets and they doing whatever they got to do to get money, it’ll definitely be influential as far as what they go through. You know, it paints that picture of how they live day to day. It’s definitely a mixtape that you can play to get through your day.

HHH: And is there a cure for Slime Flu? (Laughs)

Vado: What you can do is, is get sick with it, you know. (Laughs) Because it’s contagious, you know. There’s really no cure. (Laughs)

HHH: Now some critics believe you are too regional. What would you like to say to the naysayers?

Vado: Well, ya know check my schedule; you know what I’m sayin. All my songs is not regional. That’s what I tell them. I gotta relate to where I’m from first before I start relating to everywhere else. Slime Flu spreaded from the East first you know. Now it’s spreading to the South, the Midwest and the West coast. And overseas. There’s your answer for that.

HHH: (Laughs) Word. Now in a new joint with Roc Dukati & Cam’ron, you gave a lil shout to Remy Ma. “I’m drinkin’ Remy Mar, thinkin’ bout Remy Ma..” Were you close with her or were you just paying respect? And how do you feel about her current situation?

Vado: You know it’s disgusting but you know she doing what she gotta do. But hopefully she’ll be out soon. From what I hear. So, you know God is good. That’s my sister. I knew her before & she knew me before I was on. We went to school together. It’s all love right there.

HHH: That’s wussup, shout out to Remy! Now can you tell us what top 5 albums describe your life?

Vado: (Laughs) That’s easy. “Illmatic,” “Reasonable Doubt,” “Come Home With Me,” “Harlem World” and “Only Built 4 Cuban Links.”

HHH: That was easy! Now I saw some footage from Tito Poppins and you seem to mention a lot about mafia life and Italian culture. What draws you in?*

Vado: I grew up on it. You know like some people grew up on Kung Fu flicks. My father, God Bless the dead, was heavy with the mafia flicks. So I grew up on it. And you know, I just respect their principles and how organized they are with they teams. They influence me a lot, as far as strategy.

HHH: Well, you do need that in the game.

Vado: Definitely, definitely. And then you know it’s just movies. You know, I write movies.


HHH: Creatively did this give you insight on “Boss of All Bosses” with DJ Drama & Cam’ron?

Vado: Yeah, definitely. When we did “Boss of All Bosses” we was kinda bringing you the mafia life. The principles behind it and the rules. You know how organized, like I said how they handle themselves. How they get paid as far as the construction business. The white collar businesses, you know how they corrupt. It’s a whole thing, but it just show that we move the same, you feel me. That’s all just paying our respect.

HHH: Regarding acting you were recently in a scene with Stacey Dash. Who would you like to work with on screen if you took on an action role? What about a love scene?

Vado: (Laughs) Megan Fox. Tell Megan Fox I’m looking for her. As far as action role, me and Cam.

HHH: There are some rumors about there being another “Ghostbusters” movie coming to NYC. What is your take on it? Considering you do shout out SLIME!

Vado: Yeah I know! I’ll probably, whenever that start, when they start auditioning, I’ll probably definitely go audition. It wouldn’t be a slime movie without the number one slime.

HHH: Definitely wouldn’t. Now before we let you go, it’s clear that you’ve gained quite a following over the past couple of years, how do you feel you’ve grown as an artist & what’s next for Vado?

Vado: Man, sky’s the limit is next for me. I ain’t even take my warm up jacket off yet. You know, I’m just getting here. I’m already ready for everything. You know probably, more music definitely. More classics. You might see a little modeling, little acting. You know, etc., etc. Sky’s the limit… VADO!

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