Former Video Vixen Melyssa Ford Speaks On Kat Stacks And Goes In On Essence Magazine

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In an exclusive interview with Vibe magazine, former Video Vixen Melyssa Ford  said “Kat Stacks is hiding in plain sight, and if you choose to put blinders on then that’s your bad.” Also Melyssa blasted Essence magazine for the controversial titled How To Keep Black Men Happy and Faithful, on their latest issue. Also, Melyssa felt that Supermodel Naomi Campbell shouldn’t be on the cover of the last issue because of her anger management issues and an overwhelming sense of entitlement.

No, I don’t like Melyssa Ford but my personal issues does not have anything to do with what I am about to say. “If Essence ran a cover on Melyssa Ford they will be putting her on a pedestal and she don’t deserve to be put on a pedestal because she isn’t a role-model. I don’t care if she’s no longer a video vixen, she is still that girl who shake her ass in videos half-naked and was featured in other magazines half-naked. Let’s not forget that Melyssa Ford is the same girl who was f**king rappers on the set of their videos. I don’t like how she always try to act like she’s a good girl.”-DonBleek

On Kat Stacks Invincibility: She’s gotten slapped three times? If somebody really wanted to do something to her, they probably would have done it already. Basically, what she proved is that people just talk a lot of shit, because she just keeps coming back. She’s like, “Y’all ain’t gonna hold me down. I’m gonna continue doing what I do. Yeah, I got slapped. Now I’m going to protect myself from that shit. But guess what, I’m gonna keep on talking.’ She’s never made a secret of what she is or what she’s doing and what her motivation is. It’s clear cut, so it’s your bad if you choose to get involved with it. It’s funny that she happens to be the one doing it. She’s reflecting the mirror back on the person who chooses to talk shit about her. A bunch of rappers are like, ‘She ain’t shit,’ but y’all are the ones that fucking connected with her on Twitter, met up with her, fucked her and bought her shit. The fact of the matter is, she ended up with your personal information for a reason. You gave it to her. So, you can’t really condemn somebody for doing exactly what they said they would do. I think she’s a total enigma. She came out of left field. She hasn’t made apologies for any of her behavior and people keep falling victim to it, even though she promotes the person that she is. It’s like she’s hiding in plain sight. That is the perfect thing to say about her. Kat Stacks is hiding in plain sight, and if you choose to put blinders on then that’s your bad.

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On Why Essence Is Far From Perfect: 

Right now Essence has on the cover, three of the most gorgeous black men ever created on the face of this fucking Earth. They have Blair Underwood who has always done it for me, Boris Kodjoe whose definition in the dictionary is fine, and then they got Lance Gross—chocolatey loveliness. And you know what they fucking have the nerve to have as the fucking title of the cover story? How To Keep Black Men Happy and Faithful.” And faithful! How dare you?! It makes me fucking sick. [It’s like saying] ‘Women take note—how to keep your black men healthy and keep from straying from you ‘cause it’s your fault.’ And black women wrote this to their fucking counterparts. As if to say, ‘If he strays, it’s your fucking fault. You didn’t cook enough. You didn’t blow him enough. You didn’t fuck him enough. You didn’t do enough to keep your fucking man healthy or faithful.’ O-M-fucking-G!

There are times where I’m surprised at the audacity that they fucking have to put something like that on the cover, but they’re regarded as the soul sista’s bible. They accept a fucking elitist attitude on who they’ll have on the cover and who they won’t? Please. Who was on the cover last month? They were toasting to women above the age of 40, and how beautiful they look, but Naomi’s on the cover? Okay, yes. Granted, Miss Naomi walks a catwalk, and she’s still killing 16-year-old and 20-year-old girls. Yes, but she has serious anger management issues and an overwhelming sense of entitlement, and she is engaged in fucking illegal activity that’s directly related to the blood diamond industry in Africa. And you’re putting her on a pedestal? Is that what you’re doing? But you won’t cover somebody like me because I based the earlier part of my career on my sexuality? My moral compass hasn’t been shifted off too much. My values are pretty good considering the causes that I believe in and places I’ve volunteered my time and given my money to, but you don’t feel the need to ever cover any single part of my career. You don’t even acknowledge that I even fucking exist. But this is what you cover and this is the things you say? I think it’s hypocrisy.

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