Swizz Beatz Is Deeply In Love With Alicia Keys

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Before he made beats for DMX, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé and others, before he sold millions of records, and won some awards, he was just a regular kid named Kasseem Dean running around the Bronx, New York with a dream of becoming a super producer. In a recent interview with MTV, Swizz Beatz spoke about being in love with Alicia Keys.

Swizzy said that it is a blessing to be with his wife.

I don’t look at it as from a superstar basis. I look at my relationship with my wife as a union that’s just connected … spiritually. I’m not into the names and the superstars and this and that. I’ve been around that my whole life. It means nothing to me. It’s just about great people.”

Swizzy also described falling in love with Alicia Keys.

It’s just a feeling,” Swizzy said. “Love is a word that’s powerful but the feeling is even stronger.”

Finally Swizzy said his relationship with Alicia Keys enhanced his life.

To identify that feeling is something that’s amazing because it doesn’t only come from your partner. It comes from your love for music, your love for people, your love for a lot of things, and I think that once you identify the feeling of love, you’ll be a better person,” Swizz explained. “I’m a better man. I think that having love in your life, it just has that effect. Because then you spread love. You can’t enjoy love without spreading love. I just think that it all falls in the pocket.”

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Credit: MTV News

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