Rappers That Are Most Likely Not To Make A Comeback

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Some rappers are very blessed to have a successful music career, and others aren’t. In our Hip-Hop era today, rappers are lucky if they can stay relevant for five consecutive¬†years and release a minimum of three albums. Some¬†rappers got on, was popping for the moment, then they disappeared and we never heard from them again. Other rappers are just “one hit wonders,” ask Mims. ¬†They had a hit record, and when record died down, they’re career did as well. I came up with a list of five rappers that are most likely not to make a comeback. The five rappers that I chose, was hot for the moment or are “one hit wonders.”

1.  Mase

Mase¬†is best known for¬†being Puff Daddy’s sidekick back in the late 90’s.¬† Mase¬†was first introduced to the music industry back in 1996, when he was featured on 112’s song “Only You.” The success of the song, gained ¬†Mase¬†a worldwide fanbase, and he soon became one of the hottest rappers of the 90’s. A few months later, still without releasing an album, Mase¬†was featured on Puffy Daddy’s song “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” and Biggies number one hit record “Mo Money, Mo Problem.” In 1997, Mase released his debut album Harlem World, which went 4x platinum. The album¬† singles “Feel So Good” and “Look At Me” peaked number one on the Billboard rap charts.¬† In 1999 Mase released his second album¬†¬†Double Up.¬†It¬†did not live up to the expectations and was a major failure compared to his first album. The album only went gold (500,000 copies). That same year, Mase¬†announced his retirement from rap on Hot 97 NYC with DJ Funk Master Flex to find GOD. Mase founded GOD then made his return back ¬†to Hip-Hop in 2004 with his album Welcome Back, which went gold. In 2005, Mase¬†did some recording with 50 Cent and G-unit and was rumored to be¬†signed to G-Unit and SRC Records but the deals were never finalized because Puff didn’t want to sell Mase¬†contract for under $2 million. Mase¬†then disappeared from rap again and went back to GOD. In June of 2009, Mase¬†ended his feuded with childhood friends Jim Jones and Cam’ron. In July 0f¬†2009, Mase¬†released a¬†new track “Get It” Ft. Cam’ron¬†and Vado, and did a remix to Drake’s “Best I Ever Had.”¬† Mase was released from his contract with Puff Daddy and Bad Boy records.¬†¬†As far as his music career, I don’t know where¬†he stands.

2. Chingy

In 2003, his debut single “Right Thurr” put him on the map and gained success worldwide, which lead to his debut album Jackpot selling over two million copies. In 2004, Chingy¬†left Ludacris¬†and DTP¬†Records because of money issues. Since leaving Luda and DTP, Chingy¬†really haven’t¬†been able to¬†make a hit record. Chingy’s 2004 album Powerballin, 2006 album Hood Star, and 2007 Hate It Or Love¬†¬†were all failures and didn’t sell more than a few hundreds thousands copies. It was rumored that Chingy is working¬† on his fifth album Success & Failures,¬†but after doing some research¬†there is no release date or tracklisting. The last time I heard¬†something about ¬†Chingy, he was out in L.A. and down in ATL¬†messing with gay men and a trannies.


3. J-Kwon

His 2004 single had everyone “Tipsy.” His debut album Hood Hop peaked number 7 on the Billboard 200 charts. Honestly, that was the last time I heard of him, besides the missing rumors that we all heard in the beginning of last year. Is he’s still missing? Someone leave a comment with his update status.

4. Mims

“This Is Why I’m Hot, ” WRONG, that’s the reason why he flopped. Mims is one of the biggest one hit wonders in¬†Hip-Hop’s¬†history. In 2007, Mims released his platinum selling album Music Is My Savior, based off of the success of “This Is Why I’m Hot,” but he never had a second or third single that lived up to the success of his debut single. In 2009, Mims tried to make a comeback with his second album Guilt, but it just wasn’t working. The album only sold just over 12,000 copies in the first week and 20,000 to date. Let’s just say, “it is safe to say R.I.P. to Mims music career.

5. Ja Rule

Truth is, when all the odds were against Ja,¬†I was still riding with him and wishing for him to make a comeback. In 1999 ¬†Ja single made everybody “Holla¬†Holla” and his debut album Venni¬†Vetti¬†Vecci¬†sold over 3 million copies worldwide. Ja Rule, DMX¬†and Jay-Z were the three hottest and best-selling¬†rappers on the new era (from 1999-2003). All three of them used to released albums every 6-12 months and they’re¬† will move over 3-4 million copies. In case you guys don’t know or forgotten, let me run Ja Rule resume down to you guys. 1999, Venni¬†Vetti¬†Vecci¬†3x ¬†platinum, 2000 Rule 3:36¬†5x platinum, 2001 Pain Is Love, 3x platinum, 2002 The Last Temptation, 4x¬†platinum, 2003 Blood In My Eye 1x¬†platinum, 2004 R.U.L.E, Gold. In 2005, Ja Rule label Murda¬†Inc came under investigation because of drug trades by Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, who was associated with Irv Gotti. This led to Def Jam Recordings refusing to renew The Inc.’s contract, So Ja left the label. In 2002, the war between up and coming newly signed Aftermath/Shady/Interscope¬†Records artist 50 Cent and Ja Rule began, which negatively affected Ja music career and street creditability.¬† Let’s get right to it and cut the crap, 50 ended Ja music career. Ja tried to make a comeback with the 2007 released of his song “Uhh¬†Ohhh” Ft. Lil Wayne, which was the lead single of his new album The Mirror,¬†but because of the failure of the single, the album never came out. Ja was rumored to be releasing a new album in 2010, but honestly, it will be a waste of time. Last time I posted a story on Ja, he was in court fighting a gun case.

What do you guys think of my list, do you agree or disagree, and if you was to create your own list, who will be on there? Leave a comment.

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