Hip-Hop/R&B Couples We Will Love To See Get Back Together

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We all have our ups and downs in our personal relationships.  When most couples breaks up, it’s no big deal, but when a celebrity couple breaks up, it’s the worse thing in the world. Earlier this month, I posted a blog on couples We Will Love To See Get Married http://yodonbleekraps.com/2010/07/03/couples-we-will-love-to-see-get-married/. Today I am posting a blog on Hip-Hop/R&B Couples We Will Love To See Get Back Together. Some of you guys might know and some of you guys might not know that the entertainment industry is one of the hardest fields to work in. As soon as a celebrity makes a mistake, it’s a wrap. The media (but not me because I am for the people) will try their best to sabotage the person career.

I came up with five Hip-Hop/R&B couples that had a happy relationship with a sad/ugly ending, but we will still love to see them get back together. Peep the list below.

1. Chris Brown and Rihanna

I was sad when I got the news that Chris and Ri Ri had broken up. Those two were one of my favorite celebrity couples. They were so happy together and were deeply/dangerously in love. A wise guys once said, “with love and fame comes pain” and that’s what happened to Chris and Ri Ri. Honestly, I think they were just too in love at an early age.  At the time that they were dating, they both were young, had chart-topping albums and were touring around the world, so I think it was a little  hard for them to maintain a healthy relationship. I believe insecurities became a big issue, which lead to the break up. After all, we will still love to see them get back together.

2. Bow Wow and Ciara

Wow, what can I say? I bet Bow Wow wish he was still with Ci Ci after seeing her “Ride” video. I think their relationship was never meant to be from the start because it’s no way that Lil Bow Wow was d**king her down right, he’s only four feet, he’s like a $5 sandwich from Subway. I think this relationship was rushed and force by the fans and the media. They both were young and the hottest teenage stars when they were dating. Now, that they both are older and have a lot of new projects in the works. We will like to see them get back together.


3. Trina and Lil Wanye

When Weezy and Trina were dating, they seemed so happy together, especially Trina. She used to smile so hard when she was seen in pictures with Wayne and whenever she would do an interview and the interviewer asked her about Wayne, she will blush so hard. Honestly, I don’t think Wayne was ready to settle down, he’s a lot younger than Trina and back when they were dating, he was one of the hottest rappers out.  Their relationship ended ugly. If I’m not mistaking, Wayne left Trina a few weeks after she had a miscarriage. This November, Wayne will be released from Prison and Trina just got out of a long-term relationship with NBA player Kenyon Martin, so we think it will be a great look if they get back together.

4. Nelly and Ashanti

Before calling it quits Nelly and Ashanti were dating for almost five years. According to industry insiders, the two split because Ashanti was ready to settle down, and Nelly wasn’t. He was/has been squiring video vixen Jessica Rabbit around Las Vegas and Miami and was caught with a few strippers in Atlanta. After all of the lies, cheating and heartache, we will still love to see Nelly and Ashanti get back together.

5. Rick Ross and Foxy Brown

Whoever knew they were dating? Yes, exactly, their relationship were kept on the low until they broken up. The two met on the set of Ross’ video shoot in New York City back in 2008.  According to reports, they fell in love instantly. It was love at first sight. Ross’ sweep Foxy off of her feet. Foxy was even considering moving out of her Brooklyn brownstone to live with Rick Ross in his Miami mansion. Until this day, no word on why Fox and the Boss broke up; maybe they were just too hood for each other. We will still love to see them get back together.

What do you guys think of my list, what couples will you add to the list? Leave a comment.

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