Fat Joe Disagrees With Diddy Calling Rick Ross “The Biggie Of The South”

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In a recent interview with Vibe magazine, Bronx rapper Fat Joes shared his feelings on Diddy calling Miami rapper Rick Ross “The Biggie Of The South.” Joey Crack also said that he’s not mad at 50’s weight loss, “he’s trying to get money.”

How do you feel about Diddy calling Rick Ross “The Biggie of the South”?
He said that? I don’t know man. Diddy’s a smart guy and Rick Ross is smart guy, but I don’t think Ross wants to be Biggie. He can’t be Biggie. There’s no replacing Notorious. No disrespect to Ross’s talent though, because I think he’s one of the nicest rappers in the game. But they always compare new artists to the greats. I understand Diddy though, because I knew Biggie very well and I know Ross. They both are kind hearts and they have a similar aura and demeanor about them. They’re similar in that way.

Did you catch those photos in the New York Post of 50 Cent after he dropped over 50 pounds for a movie role?
Yeah, that’s his thing. I’m not mad; he’s trying to get money. I could never do that, though, I wish I could. Fat Joe loves food too much. I’m scheming on some Pinkberry right now. [laughs]

Interview Credit: Vibe

I really want to share my opinion but I can’t because this industry is all about politics. What do you guys think of this whole situation about Diddy calling Ross “The Biggie of the South?” Leave a comment.

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