Jeezy Compares Himself And T.I. To Biggie & Jay, Pac & Snoop

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According to Jeezy new interview with Vibe Magazine, he has never had no issues with T.I. and they support each other:

“I always took this thing like me and Tip was like Big and Jay. Just in the sense of we always coexist. We really never had no issues or nothing we couldn’t work out. And if it was it was just what club we meeting at. What time, you know what I’m saying? Anything he’s done, I’ve pretty much supported him, just as well as anything I’ve done, he pretty much supported me. He like the cat on the other side of town who get money, too. And it’s like that. You could be in the city and two n*ggas run the city, you know what I’m saying? Like, we been on a few tours together, you know, did a couple of classic records, and um, it’s just one of those things. That’s how I always looked at it. Like we was like Big and Jay. Pac and Snoop.” (VIBE)

Jeezy and T.I. are both dope artists but they are far from Big & Jay and Snoop & Pac. I am not sure in what way(s) Jeezy meant when he compared himself and T.I. to those artists. Big, Jay, Snoop and Pac are way more lyrical than Jeezy & Tip, had a bigger street reputation than them and made a greater impact in Hip-Hop than them.

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