Lloyd Banks Speaks On Writing R&B Records

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During a recent interview, G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks  spoke about writing R&B records, the music overseas and expanding as an artist.

Banks said the overseas music and party scene for opening him up to different types of music and said that it has inspired him to expand as an artist. 

“The music overseas, the party atmosphere, it’s incredible,” Banks said.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love the club scenes in New York City and the States…[but overseas] you’re hearing so many different records. It makes you want to expand as an artist and get records that’s enjoyed by all people. They’re definitely gonna hear those kind of records from me too. A lot of people don’t know I write more than rap music. I can write R&B records. I can write hit records — just put it like that. Hopefully I’ll be writing for a few more people in the future.”

 Banks also spoke about working with producer Wil.I.Am on his upcoming album. 

“I chopped it up with him a couple of times,” Banks said. “I seen him in L.A. and he wanted to work on the tail end of Rotten Apple. But between me touring, it was crazy. I didn’t get a chance to hook up with him. But hopefully we can make something happen on this record.”

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