Industry Groupie Speaks On Giving Bow Wow Head On The First Night

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This industry groupie goes by the name of Kat and below is what she’s saying:

After the Police took my Baby’s father in custody a week before I gave birth, I couldn’t take the stress anymore so I found a new way to keep my mind clear from my crazy life and it was with Twitter.

I set up an account on December 2009, and days later I had @BowWow614 (new username @BowWow) following me. We exchanged numbers through Direct Messages and made plans to go over his house sinse I live down the street from him. I remember in the 4th grade most of the girls in my class were obsessed with him, plus I would tell the DJ to play some of his songs while I pole danced on stage. Meeting him actually brought me back a smile to my face after a horrible year of spending 4 months in jail pregnant and loosing everything I once owned.

I was a bit insecure and nervous before I went over to his condo, I had recently given birth and my stomach wasn’t as flat as it use to be plus I had an ankle monitor so I couldn’t wear heels instead I wore boots to hide it so he wouldn’t get scared.

When he first opened the door he was only wearing a brown towel wrapped around his waist which meant there was no talking involved just straight to business. His condo was big and beautifully furnished, I followed him to his room and he sat on his leather black chair in the corner, we exchanged a few words and I told him to lay on the bed.

I kissed his lips and rubbed his body down with my tongue as he massaged my C-Cup breasts with his hands. By the time my tongue reached his d*ck he was already h*rd. He wasn’t too big or too small it was just right.

The only person I’ve ever gave head without a condom was my Babys father for 5 years but I wanted to make an impression with Bow Wow so he will call me back so I decided to go through with it. I kept licking and sucking him like there was no tomorrow, but no matter how many tricks I did with my tongue he still wouldn’t c*m not even after 30 mins.

We switched places and he sat back on his chair again, my p*ssy was dripping wet as I licked on his n*ts and j*cked him off, I wanted to jump on top and ride him but I couldn’t have sex with him because it had only been 3 weeks sense I had gave birth. I stopped for a moment and asked him if he had sex with another girl before I came over sense he’s taking so long to cum

“No that’s just how I am even when I first lost my virginity I took long” he answered. An hour & a half later finally his legs started shaking and I sw*llowed his c*m. This was new to me also, I always spit when I s*cked off my Babys Father and I hated the taste.

“Alright you got me, you got me!” he said smiling. He went to take a shower as I washed my face and put my purple corset back on. I sat on the bed and waited quietly feeling awkward. He claimed he had a flight in 45 mins and that he will be back on the weekend so he gave me money and called me a Taxi.

He was a gentleman and very sweet to my surprise.

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