Breaking News: Lil Wayne Gets Into Altercation With Inmate

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On March 8th, Cash Money/Young Money recording artist Lil Wayne began serving  a one year prison bid at Rikers Island.

I am not too sure if it was yesterday or the day before, but  Lil Wayne and another inmate allegedly got into a physically altercation. According to Guards that work at Rikers Island and other inmates,  Lil Wayne and another inmate got into a disagreement. The guards and other inmates were not able to explain why Wayne and the other inmate got into a disagreement but  neither one was going to let it go and they got busy.

The inmate tried to test Wayne’s gangsta so he approached Wayne and Wayne didn’t back down. Words were exchanged and blows were thrown,  but other inmates broke it up before it got too serious.

I am not too sure if I reported this or not but on March 10th, two female guards at Rikers Island were fired for trying to sneak some methamphetamine inside of Wayne’s ceil and two male guards were suspended for asking Wayne for an autograph.

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