Heron Preston To Be Creative Adviser To E-sports Organization Gen.G

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NEW YORK — Designer and creative director Heron Preston has been appointed creative advisor to E-sports organization Gen.G.

Preston, who has collaborated with the New York City Department of Sanitation and NASA, adds Gen.G to his mix of unexpected partners. Gen.G is one of the leading e-sports organizations bridging the U.S. and Asia, and owns and operates teams for League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, NBA 2K and the first and only all-female Fortnite team in the U.S., Team Bumble, started in partnership with the Bumble app.

In the new role, he will design limited-edition products for the organization and provide general creative counsel and advisement. The first capsule will launch later this year for League of Legends, the online game that is one of the most popular global e-sports tournaments, which Gen.G, under the Samsung Galaxy banner at the time, were named World Champions in 2014 and 2017.

I’m so excited that we are able to work with him, because he thinks outside of the box,” said Gina Chung Lee, vice president of brand for Gen.G. “Being able to work with him during this time will be great for us. Since we’ve started to work with him, he’s really tried to immerse himself in our culture and work with the gamers. It’s a small community so it shows so much respect for someone [like Heron] to want to know the intent.”

Preston said he was drawn to Gen.G for its different approach to e-sports and gaming.

“We want to make sure that Gen.G is correctly positioned to grow a broader audience,” she said. “We’re excited to get Heron’s perspective on how to propel forward. He’s done an amazing job on his own collections and initiatives. We saw that and thought this would be the perfect way to join forces as Gen.G grows bigger, broader and better.”

Fashion design and e-sports isn’t so much of a thing, so it felt new and innovative to me,” Preston said.

There is synergy between fashion and gaming beyond apparel, and Preston sees opportunity in bridging the two worlds. “I think this is only the beginning of the growth,” he said. “I think existing audiences are growing bigger. This whole world of e-sports is just the beginning. We’re starting to scratch the surface with what’s possible with e-sports. Growing up was about going to the arcade, gathering around the Street Fighter arcade, but it would only be five of us. Now it’s blown up to a scale I never would’ve imagined.”

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Source: WWD

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