Help Me Send Off A Student From Harlem, New York To College

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Aside from being a journalist and fashion writer, another passion of mine is giving back to the community and helping the youth. I go to various high schools throughout the school year and speak to the youth. I think it is very important for the youth to have positive role models in their lives, especially young men in the inner cities. When we as adults are climbing to the top, there is nothing wrong with reaching down and giving the youth a hand to bring them up with us.

A role model was never something I had planned on becoming; it was forced upon me by the youth. I will continue to set positive examples for the youth. I do NOT smoke or drink and you will NEVER see me endorsing drinking or smoking products on my site.

With this site, I took a lane that was undeserved and created an opportunity for myself. Through my faith in God, hard work, dedication and being a positive and humbled person, I built a brand.

I also remember my first few days of college at Rutgers University. My mother struggled to pay my tuition as well as books. A kid in Harlem, NY is set to begin college this fall, he is in need of funds to pay for his books and get items for his dorm room. I wanted to help Diondre Francis not only because he’s a good kid but because it is also the right thing to do.

He’s a daily reader of the site and looks up towards me in a positive way. It takes a village to raise a kid and as a community, we all can pitch in to help out Diondre.


He writes:


My name is Diondre Francis, I am an 18-year-old young man from Harlem, New York (I currently reside in Hackensack, NJ).

Last month, I completed my final year of high school and graduated from Hackensack High School with an 3.1 GPA. This fall, I will be an incoming freshman at Cazenovia College in Cazenovia, New York, where I plan on studying Sports Management. My career goal is to to become a sport agent and have my own firm with offices in major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Atlanta.

I plan to build a brand that solely focuses on pushing males of all ethnicities into mainstream businessmen and owners in the sports world. Today, I look around and I see a lack of positive representation of men in the sports world. I feel it is extremely necessary for someone like myself to open the doors and build a positive platform so the generations after me can have a positive role model and platform to showcase their talents and let their voices be heard.

I’ve worked very hard to get to where I am now and I am definitely ready to pursue my college education and dreams. My mother also worked so hard to take care of my younger brother and I. She did everything in her power (just like most mothers would do) to fund my college tuition. She made payments, took out loans and worked additional hours to cover my pricey tuition.

The only problem that I have is, I need additional funds to pay for the things that I need including books and items for my dorm room. My mother is trying her best to help me but she can only do so much on her own. If I can overcome this situation, one day, I would be able to help someone else that is in a similar situation. If you would please consider helping me or even just spreading the world that would mean the world to me.

Please donate funds here: or here.

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